Château Lardier

L'âme d'un lieu

A soulful retreat

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The Castle

Acquired in 2013 by Pacôme et Laetitia de Galliffet Mortemart, Château Lardier is a charming eighteenth century vineyard, haven of tranquility, nestled in the gentle rolling hills of the Bordeaux wine region.
From the warmth of your hosts welcome, and the sophisticated elegance of Chateau Lardier, your hosts, Pacôme with an in-depth knowledge of managing historic houses and gardens and Laetitia from one of the finest family of perfumers, are attentive to your every need creating a refined yet relaxed environment recalling the atmosphere of times gone by.

Chateau Lardier is unique and special, it is ideal for your holidays and events; an invitation to relax, to unwind, to contemplate and to create unforgettable memories.